Why Talent Investors?

We specialise in exclusive Talent

We understand that the future success of your business is driven by recruiting and developing the right talent for leadership.

But we understand that the prospect of engaging an executive search and leadership development firm can be a daunting one.

At Talent Investors, we believe that our track record, our clients’ and candidates’ testimonials, our case studies and our investment in people will ensure your confidence in our ability to deliver.

Will we understand your strategy and requirements?

How quickly will we be able to find the right executives?

How can you be sure that our coaching programmes will work?

Will we make you look good in front of your peers?

Our Track Record

Since Talent Investors inception in 2009, clients from all around the world have trusted us to recruit and develop outstanding executives, turning potential into greatness.

Our track record has allayed many of our clients’ initial concerns about engaging an executive search and leadership firm.

Katherine Alexander


Originally from Moscow, Katherine travelled extensively growing up and has studied in Moscow, Namibia and the USA, before coming to live and work in London in 2000.

Travelling and living in different countries has shaped Katherine’s personality and taught her to adapt to other people’s needs and better understand cultural differences.

Having started out her career as a journalist and then events manager, Katherine found her true calling in executive recruitment.

Katherine’s deep personal interests in workplace psychology as well as personal development, brain research, human potential, and motivational and behavioural studies are reflected in her company’s approach to executive search.

Email Katherine or call: +44 (0)20 7129 1462

Alison Packer

Coaching Associate

Alison Packer is our Coaching Associate. She is a talented coach with over 20 years’ experience and has achieved both an Institute of Leadership and Management top level award and a post graduate qualification in coaching and mentoring.

In Alison’s view coaching is about bringing out the best in people, and helping them to achieve more and grow from the inside to greater strength, whatever their walk of life. The key lies in the time spent with each individual, time spent uniquely with them and on them – and their hopes and ambitions.

Since Alison’s family grew up she has been able to spend more time on Art. She is an enthusiastic artist painting and drawing from life, and running an art group so that others can share this opportunity. Her work is perhaps typically robust and her subjects look out boldly from the canvas.

Email Alison or call: +44 (0)20 7129 1462

Margot O’Donoghue

Analytical Evaluator

When it comes to candidate selection, things aren’t always what they seem. With legislation what it is, an educated second opinion is always prudent. Margot’s business experience as a company director, together with her in-depth knowledge of the human psyche, makes her an excellent analytical evaluator.

Today many of her own clients come from highly pressured positions in the City and the media. She runs Psychological Services, a referral agency putting people in touch with professionals nationwide.

Her specialist interests include gender-related issues and the underlying motivations to gambling and risk taking. German born, Margot trained in the Lacanian tradition, often thought of as the deepest and most challenging of psychological schools. Margot’s experience includes counselling life prisoners in Holloway Prison as well as assisting victims of Nazi death camps.

BSc (Hon) Psychology, Masters Degree Psychoanalysis; member of the UKCP and a Senior Associate of the Royal Medical Society; Diploma in Gambling Addiction Counselling; trained as a Psychoanalyst with the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR).

Email Margot or call: +44 (0)20 7129 1462

or call: +44 (0)20 7129 1462

or call: +44 (0)20 7129 1462

While we are enormously proud of track record for our clients, recruiting and developing outstanding candidates requires more than just technical expertise. It requires an ability to assess the right candidate’s professional capabilities, cultural fit and suitability for the company’s strategic direction.

These testimonials bear witness to the success of our people in matching both client and candidate.


“We spent a long time searching for a senior, multilingual lawyer with a niche expertise in emerging markets to join our practice. We interviewed a number of candidates identified for us by different search firms combined with the efforts of our own internal recruiters, but to no avail.

Finally, I met Katherine Alexander from Talent Investors and Katherine found us the right candidate in a fortnight: he matched every point on our wish list and he was a perfect fit into our firm’s culture. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Highly recommended.”

Oleg Shvander, Partner at Clyde & Co

“We have worked with Talent Investors on a number of senior management roles and feel extremely comfortable with this partnership. We have been very impressed with the company’s ability to quickly adapt to last minute changes and the level of responsibility for the quality of their work.

Consultants are diligent every step of the way which makes Talent Investors’ reputation unbeatable. We have great respect for the agency and consider them a rightful partner in all our personnel needs. With such qualities Talent Investors have no competitors!”

Margarita Chykova, Head of HR at Marussia Virgin Racing

“Katherine focuses on each individual candidate to make sure there are placed in the position that not only matches their experience but also their personality and character so candidates remain in their positions for a significant period of time. She is a delight to work with and her focus on the job in hand is impressive.”

Kitty Parry, Founder and CEO at Social Media Compliance Ltd


“Katherine is a most professional business person, who has a clear skill in networking and supporting people. She understands her business very well, and if anyone requires new talented people for their business then she is the ideal person to speak with.”

Colin Ward, Russia-based

“Katherine is a well-rounded, creative and goal-oriented headhunter, always seeking and creating new opportunities and delivering great results. I was impressed by her specific, tailor-made approach to every case, which utilised both a human touch and subject matter expertise. I would highly recommend her as a recruiter of first choice for specific, non-standard mandates.”

Nicolas Vielliard, Regional Counsel at Bredero Shaw



Client: Global law firm, City of London


A multi-national law firm was in need of Portuguese speaking Senior Associate with Oil and Gas experience and business contacts in South America to join their London office and later move over to South America. The candidates had to be qualified in the UK and Brazil.

The challenge of this role was not limited to the client’s requirements, but also included the fact that we were called in after two global leading executive search firms had failed to place the role in two years.


Our research identified Portuguese-speaking lawyers with UK qualifications from Africa to Europe and eventually found two people who matched the criteria perfectly. We presented our candidates two weeks after receiving the assignment and one of our candidates, a Brazilian lawyer with UK qualifications and outstanding business network in Brazil, was offered the role during the interview.

Client: Multi-family office, Mayfair


Our client asked us to find a Russian-speaking Head of Fiduciary Department. This executive was to take charge of the firm’s Russian and CIS clients, advising them on Trust and Fund structuring and tax. The person had to be STEP qualified.


The main challenge of this role was the language requirement. We searched UK, Cyprus, Switzerland and Russia before we located the right person. We ended up presenting a short-list of four people three weeks after receiving the mandate. One of our candidates was hired after two interviews and has recently been made Partner. She is also one of the main fee earners in the company and a regular keynote speaker at a number of pan-European private wealth events.