TI Academy

Unique training and development to be the best

TI Academy is the philanthropical arm of Talent Investors and is run by our CEO, Katherine Alexander.

Our goal is to help shape a generation of confident young people who know what their passion in life is and are equipped with the tools to follow that dream. We are helping children and teenagers believe that they can achieve absolutely anything that they set their mind to, that impossible does not exist. Of course, this also means that we are teaching them the power of work ethic and accountability, which gives their confidence a solid foundation.

We share a common philosophy with Carol Dweck, Dr. John Demartini, Sir Ken Robinson, Andrea Samadi and many more. Some of our topics, including Body Language and Dangerous Personalities are written with the help of Joe Navarro, leading expert on non-verbal communications.

Transforming and shaping education

Our mission at Talent Investors is to transform education systems worldwide, encouraging creativity and human potential. 

TI Academy is the philanthropical arm of Talent Investors Ltd. and is run by our CEO, Katherine Alexander. As a youngster, Katherine has travelled a lot with her family and has studied in 7 different schools over 3 continents: Europe, Africa and North America. Despite linguistic and cultural differences, all those schools shared a very similar education system – a system lacking in creativity and innovation.

At TI Academy we are passionate about education and are convinced it is time for change and transformation. Although the task ahead is enormous and, as such, daunting at times, we like to do our bit to help. We have started a series of school talks on Career and Life Skills, incorporating latest neuroscience and brain research. So far we’ve spoken at high schools in the UK, Russia and South Africa.

Our seminars are aimed at answering the following questions:

• What is your biggest innermost value?
• Social Intelligence
• Body Language: self-awareness and manners;
• Dangerous personalities
• Confrontation Management
• Dress code
• CV Preparation
• Relationship Management: Ability to Inspire, Influence and interact
• Basic financial management

Please get in touch if you have an idea you want to share, interested in learning more about our work or want to book us to speak at your school.

Discover our courses, from bespoke classes to full courses.

CV & Cover Letter Workshop

Invest two hours into this course and never again will you be sending hundreds of CVs with zero outcome. You’ll know exactly what to write, how to write it and importantly, how to deliver your documents to the right people to get feedback for your application.

Interview Training

Interview training is a half a day course which will allow you to train with both HR and Recruitment specialists. The course will take you through all aspects of preparation: from appropriate dress code, body language and keeping your cool.