The Best Boss Coaching Project brought to you by Talent Investors is here to promote excellence in the workplace. Throughout 2018 we are speaking to people from across the world, and across different industries, regardless of the companies’ size or their job title. Over the course of 52 weeks, you will be introduced to 52 bosses, from 52 backgrounds, answering 20+ questions. All designed to motivate you to lead, and grow effectively. We are here to provide wisdom from, and recognition for those making every day other people’s lives better.

Best Boss Series -Young Leaders: Esther Swaffield-Bray, Director, UK

“My aim as a ‘younger leader’ is not to assert myself in an aggressive ‘prove yourself’ type of way, but to be quick to listen and slow to speak”.

Best Boss Series – Young Leaders: Lucy White, Founder, UK

“You earn respect is through your character, your track record and the value you add – not through your age”.

Best Boss Series: Zahid Malik, Founder, UK

“I would love to have helped create an organisation where people have maximum freedom to do what they think is worthwhile”.