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Leadership Development

Our goal is to help individuals and businesses achieve their maximum potential. Through mentoring, coaching and training, we support the development of ethical and effective leadership practices.

We create bespoke programmes, using contemporary neuroscience and research, to address specific needs of each individual, team or organisation. Our coaches are trained and qualified, with an outstanding success record in facilitating sustainable change.

We work closely with department heads to create programs, which are specific to the needs of your organisation.

Change has always been difficult for individuals and for organisations. Recently neuroscientists have been able to show why change is so hard for humans and how to help ease the ease the pain associated with “re-wiring” the brain.

Our consultants have studied the works of a number of contemporary personal development scholars such Dr. John Demartini, John Assaraf and Mark Waldman and have been able to implement their findings in training seminars with great success.

Ability to spot the talent which could transition from management to leadership is crucial, yet too often it’s overlooked and underrated. Our work focuses on developing executives as they start to broaden their perspective of the organisation, learn to influence and become clear leaders in their field. Our leadership development programme have been designed according to The Demartini Method™.

One of our goals is to help new leaders play to their strengths. Understanding what makes you unique and why you should not worry about competition makes an important shift in a person’s thinking and performance.

Employers often think that remuneration is one of the key drivers of engagement in the work place. However, our executive search division has been alerting us to a very different picture for years: the prospect of higher remuneration levels is not a deciding driver of engagement. Candidates often leave their current employers, agreeing to a cut in salary with the new firm, providing the following are in place:

  • Fair pay
  • Clear career path
  • Quality of leadership
  • Good team environment
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • External training
  • Flexible working
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Social Conscience of the organisation

At Talent Investors we are great believers in accelerating your path to success through mentoring. Imagine having a trusted advisor who has been in your shoes before and can help you navigate difficult situations and avoid missing out on important decisions.

To fully benefit from mentoring, it is vital that protégés and mentors are well matched. We conduct a thorough matching process and provide support for both mentors and their mentee’s.

Mentoring programs are very common within large organisations, however, smaller companies are just beginning to follow suit. In today’s fast-paced, often pressurised work environments, having a mentor can often be the difference between a successful and mediocre career.

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Whole Team Development

Our team of coaches works closely with HR or department heads to create programs, which are specific to the needs of your organisation.

Our expertise includes:

• Change Management
• Succession Planning
• Interview Training
• Supporting Executive Strategy
• Engaging or Re-engaging people

Leadership Coaching

The Talent Investors Leadership team helps each individual to develop their own style of leadership and practice.

Our coaching covers the following areas:

• Creating and articulating a vision
• Inspiring others to take part in the pursuit of this vision
• Leading people to achieve tangible results
• Influencing without direct authority
• Mentoring and coaching others

Interview Training

The research conducted by TI Search suggests that over 90% of managers are lacking the necessary interview skills. In order to attract and engage top talent globally and avoid costly mistakes, hiring managers must be up to speed with contemporary interview techniques.

Our training consultants come with extensive interviewing experience at all levels of search and have been trained by one of the leading non-verbal behaviour specialist worldwide, Joe Navarro.

Our workshops cover the following areas:

• Non-verbal behaviour
• Interviewing global workforce
• Legal guidelines
• Presenting your business to top talent
• Getting your offer right the first time